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Maharaja Polyurethane Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by a group which is serving insulation industry since 1973. The Company is headed by a group of technically efficient persons who are from the base of Insulation Industry.

Now we are introducing Maharaja Polyurethane Pvt. Ltd. in the field of Telecom shelters with following features:

• Environment friendly & easy to install.
• Rigid polyurethane insulation.
• Available in 60mm, 80mm & 120mm thick polyurethane insulation.
• Fit for various weather conditions frojn-45°C to +80°C.
• Excellent after sales services.

Maharaja RPU shelters are for indoor BTS, Broadband wireless and other telecommunication applications. Our standard Telecom Shelters are manufactured out of PPGI sheets (base, walls and roof) that are assembled together with cam lock system to create a very rigid structure, rated up to 180 km/ph wind speeds. For cell site application we typically equip them with one extruded aluminum Profile door for smooth openings, rigid polyurethane foam insulation and reinforced bottom with bars to bare load of 1500 kg per sq. meter.

The greatest advantage in using our shelters is their structural strength in respect to their weight. Our shelters are lightweight, however they are extremely strong. This feature enhances by the rigid polyurethane insulation and steel bars in floor panels allowing them to be fully integrated with very heavy telecom equipment.

We also offer aluminum/Stainless steel/Galbanum shelters for the extreme climatic conditions. These shelters are also equipped with the same equipment as our PPGI shelters, as described above. They are extremely strong and can also be integrated prior to deployment; however, they are lighter (aluminum) than our standard PPGI & other shelters.
We can custom design and build any of our shelters described above in any size requirements, in any configuration, in any color, for any application, in addition, we can integrate the customer owned equipment into this product creating a turnkey solution.

Furthermore, we can guarantee you personalized service, attention to detail at the shortest turnaround time.
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